BEST OF PAPERWORK VOL.4 IS OUT! Grab a copy of the greatest techno experience ever.


While we waited for it for some time, RPR005 – Best of Paperwork Vol.4 is out. Featuring 9 different artists manually picked from Raw Paper Records’s artist garden, this release is so far the “rawest” techno we’ve released on our label yet. While you may grab your copy on all major digital stores such as Beatport, Juno, iTunes etc., you may as well grab your copy from our official store on Bandcamp (which we highly recommend, as we can help if anything in the proces of buying yourself these sushies goes wrong). Hope they make your butt shake!


  1. Pablo Diskko – Gluhoi
  2. Antoine Sy – Melancolie
  3. Eddish – Raw Head
  4. mmmotion – Drowning Satellite
  5. Distorted Portrait – SXSN
  6. Helione – Rumble
  7. ALXSML – Glockenspiel
  8. FM_ – Damage
  9. Ben Techy – From The Dust

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Charlton – An End To good Manners [KRL007]

The Hipodrome Of Music

Appearances from Charlton Ravenberg are few and far between, with just seven releases since 2006 including a few shared spots alongside the likes of Regis and Djorvin Clain. This turn for ever-growing Argentinean techno imprint Krill Music showcases a sturdy approach to the techno blueprint, keeping things dynamic and fluid while making sure it smacks where it ought to. “Beyond Misery” is something of a smoke screen with its housey groove and minimal bleep demeanor, but “The Aggression Scale” soon puts paid to this with abrasive acidic swirls of atonal melody and a mean-tempered rhythmic thud. “Know Yourself” takes things deeper with some intricate percussive detail in a cyclical arrangement, while “If They Don’t Realize” lets the drum machines fit and start around a dubbier kind of techno throwdown.


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Stray and his VIP of L.A Zoom on free download

What was certainly not expected from Stray, was that he would do his very own VIP (Variation in production) version of L.A Zoom, a tune released on Exit Records (Mosaic Vol. 2 LP) last year. What is even odder is that he made a footwork version of it. What makes it even better is that the track is one free download, so grab it and have a proper listen. Again, we can all thank alot to mr. Stray and his amazing production knowledge.

Download instructions:

  1. Go to:
  2. Find the “Download” button below and click it.
  3. You got your tune 😉

Illuminum – Amoeba [Core Album]

In my new ambient music album “Core” there will be 9 tracks, one of them is “Amoeba” featuring lots of water and minimal textures making the atmosphere just right to relax and dive into the world of watery soundscapes.